hey people!!!!!!again its bacongirl so in science its pretty cool we were studying..the human body:P groos right???and my teacher gave me and my group the most wounderfull part the digestive system:(EW GROSS!!!!so now we have to make an commercail about it isnt that great???????we are calling it an informercail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY BOY’S AND SPORTS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

OMG!!!!!!!!!y do boys have to hog the ball in ALL sports they go and show off and he treat girls like there cheerleaders…not thats theres any thing wrong with that but we have this new thing ladies first in kick ball now and a guy comes up to me and says,”hey,now that we let the girls kick there really good”and i said, “well u guys run to kick first and we don’t even get to kick”!!!So then it was my turn and i kicked a home run!!!!And the guy i was talking to b4 had his mouth wide open!!!!So don’t follow along with guys treating girls like we r use less in sports show them wat ur made of!!!!


omg band!!!ok so i’m in band and i play clarinet…kool right???so anyway we dont have any string interments:( but we have brass wood wen and percusine heres the interments for brass, the trombone,the the bareatone, the french horn, and the trumpet.Here’s wood wen we have clarinet, saxafone. and flute. And every wensday and thursday we have to get up early for early morning band…..we have to get up at 6:15 its pretty pain full


hey whats up my visters?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Bacongirl101 here!!!!!heres the new scoop on my life…i’m going to……….ARIZONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This thursday i’m leaveing…..:( i will miss all the people that are awesome and go on my blog!!!!!!!anyway i will keep in touch with u….if i’m allowed 2 see ya later!!!

Hello world!

hey its bacongirl101 i am very excited to be starting my new blog!!!!!!!!By the way u guys are really kool if u go on my blog!!!:)  i want to give BIG thanks to Sahana my friend that helped me make this blog!!!Shes really fun and fun to hang out with.I have her blog linked on to go there it alot better then mine!!!